Your employees need benefits.

Free coffee, useless merchandise, and pizza parties might just not cut it in a modern workplace.

It's not always easy to get benefits and insurance, but group benefits make it easier for everyone to get coverage. 88% of employees say that group benefits such as health, dental, and vision insurance are given consideration when choosing their next workplace.

Protect What Matters Most

Protect your employees, your business, and your family, everything important to you. Your benefits & insurance should positively impact your lifestyle and finances.

Employee Retention

Your employees will feel valued and trusted when provided with a generous benefits package.

Business Growth

Being bonded and insured develops create trust between your business and your clients.


Be the provider of peace of mind for your family, and portect them from financial loss and hardship.

Canada Life Insurance Near Me

Worried About Life Insurance?

Getting life insurance can be difficult, especially with pre-existing conditions, but you can still get No Medical Life Insurance even if you have:

    Multiple Sclerosis
    Heart Disease

No matter your health, you can apply for life insurance coverage! Your loved ones deserve to be protected. 

Critical Illness Insurance Near Me

Worried About Critical Illness?

You can't predict when your health might decline but you can prepare and plan for *knock-on-wood* critical illnesses such as:

    Life Threatening Cancer.
    Aplastic Anaemia.
    Heart Attack & Stroke.
    Benign Brain Tumours.

Peyson Insurance Services

We offer comprehensive services to insure a bright future.

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Financial Management

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Kevin Peyson Financial & Insurance Service Near Me

About Kevin Peyson

Independent Financial Services Professional

You need an insurance broker with 28 years of experience in insurance and financial planning and an expert in his field. You deserve the best options for you and considerate time taken to work to understand your needs and explain everything thoroughly to ensure you are getting exactly what you need.


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Ruth Pradzynski

"I told him I couldn't get life insurance: I had some health issues and had been turned down for insurance in the past. Kevin told me that he would get me insurance, and at a reasonable price."

March 5, 2021

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Brady Reid

"I am a young, and relatively new small business owner/operator. I had no idea about disability insurance, what it could do for me and how important it was. I was introduced to Kevin through a networking organization and after our first meeting together I knew Kevin was an honest, straight forward, knowledgable man. Since our first meeting he has talked me through all the ins-and-outs of disability insurance. I happily purchased the insurance through Kevin and would recommend him to anyone who's in the market. He is very learned in this, his area of expertise, and has proven my first impression to be true. Thank you Kevin!"

June 26, 2021

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Wayne UnRuh

Due to my health concerns, I was unable to get life Insurance and Critical Illness. Kevin said he could fit that. He was true to his word. I would recommend Kevin as the best Insurance advisor.

August 6, 2021